Industrial piping company

Fluid transport constitutes an essential part of industrial construction, it requires skills, means and proven expertise.

Because we are perfectly aware of the limiting circumstances of this sector, we offer you support and guidance from project design until final acceptance.

We define your needs beforehand, we factor your issues in, we explore every opportunity – of economic, social or environmental dimension – in order to help you design the most relevant project.

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Our industrial piping activities

Artis Mobility & Transition

At Artis, we are concerned with governmental regulations and energetic transition, this is why Artis Mobility & Transition deals with 3 energy vectors:
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
  • Hydrogen (H2)
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Artis Industry

Artis Industry operates in four kind of situations:
  • Directly on site
  • On prefabrication floor
  • New works
  • Maintenance or adaptation work

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Artis Oil & Gas

As an industrial piping company, Artis assists Oil & Gas industry actors with their transition and transformation challenges.
Artis is a MASE certified company, as such, we are qualified to meet your needs while ensuring our employees remain safe and healthy and contributing to conserve the environment.

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Artis: Our values

Our company was born after its founders realised they had the same values. These revolve around passion for what we do, the skill of our teams, dynamism and responsiveness to meet our client’s needs. These values are the very foundations of Artis, the ones which bind us all together. They strengthen our unity, our cohesion and they guarantee our growth strategy. Our founding leaders attach key importance to management. Not only because it functions as a lever to direct and lead teams, or as a means to harness an employee’s potential but also because it conveys meaning. Meaning, just like values, is central to the project our founders have initiated and developed since Artis was created. Our company is above all, the result of the meeting between two contractors who progressively began to trust employees. First because these employees possess technical skills but most importantly because they trust them as staff members and believe in their potential. So, this entrepreneurial project has been resting on two pillars for the entire time: meaning and values.

Values shape our profession on a daily basis. Values ensure each of us works not only to perform a specific task but also to grow, evolve, learn, be fulfilled, outdo themselves, feel involved in a collective project that aligns with their own values and highest expectations. Then meaning, because with this entrepreneurial project, we wish to make the human dimension the key to the company’s growth and the collective endeavour.


At Artis, we are guided by quality requirements – our core value – by meticulous work and by our ability to question ourselves and to adjust to changes.
Our fields of action necessitate particular rigour to respond to both customer requirements and regulatory requirements. We enable Artis to grow by meeting these requirements.


At Artis, we believe commitment to the company's success enables our employees to build mutual loyalty and trust which facilitates group efficiency.
By committing to respect values, people and assets, we make sure our activities remain durable.

Well-being at work

At Artis, we wish to nurture a state of mind which balances employee skills, needs and yearnings on the one hand and limitations and possibilities of the workplace on the other hand.
We believe we stimulate everyone to be efficient on a daily basis by regularly investing in equipment and by maintaining our tools in proper condition.

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Energy transition & Artis 

After the UN adopted the sustainable development goals and signed the Paris Agreement on climate in 2015, the European Union (EU) issued Directives related to the objective of carbon neutrality by 2050. This commitment is further strengthened by the European Green Deal (December 2019) which aims to reduce at least by 55% greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 while the previous objective was a decrease by 40% compared to 1990.

Many countries integrated the european ambitions about climate in their respective national legislation. In France the low-carbon strategy and the Energy-Climate act of November 2019 were designed to achieve net-zero emission by 2050. At the forefront of the French energy policy, the multi-year energy program determines the first milestones on the road to a decarbonated energy paradigm.

As an industrial piping company, of these decisive stakes and are eager to actively contribute to the implementation of industrial solutions which will, in the end, make this objective a reality.

Everyday, by offering industrial piping services, we work to build energy transport networks and take part in a significant industrial project.

Energy transition & Artis 

Our mobility activities

  • Network design
  • Storage and drying equipments set up
  • Slow charge
  • Fast charge
  • Connection of distribution blocks
  • High and low pressure industrial pipework

Our truck-transported gas and biogas activities

  • Design and production of modular process skids for injection, count and pressure-let-down
  • Design and sizing of temporary injection units

Our hydrogen activities

  • Production of high and low pressure, carbon steel and stainless steel pipelines
  • Network design and sizing
  • Storage and drying equipments set up

Methanisation activities

  • Design and production of modular process skids for injection
  • Design and production of steel and HDPE networks
  • Connection to low and high pressure networks

Our fields of action

At Artis, professions and expertise are structured around three main fields of action and encompass all industrial and buried pipelines lifecycles. From conception to delivery through production and maintenance, our professionals take care of your project every step of the way. 

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Artis’ technical capacity

Next to our Derval (near Nantes) headquarters, we dispose of a 107000 ft² storage area as well as a 13000 ft² prefabrication floor dedicated to produce your industrial pipework or modular process skids.We keep investing in new tools to be able to provide you cutting-edge services.

Artis’ technical capacity

Pipework cold sawing

We possess six machines for pipework cold sawing – from DN 150 up to DN 1200 – available on our prefabrication floor and on site. Our quality, health safety and environment processes are ISO 9001 and MASE certified, which allows us to work on ATEX areas.

Cold bending

We have our own cold bending assets up to DN 200 and are able to produce bent pipe sections up to DN 900. We perform self-monitoring using the completion method and we ensure quality of pipe bending by template tests and thickness measures. For any on site bending request, we come with a surveyor so as to calculate the right angle. Artis design office makes a blueprint of the future bent pipe section for validation before production. We provide you with a complete folder containing every material certificate, production process, self-monitoring transcript and process.

Hydraulic and pneumatic tests

On site or on our premises, we perform pneumatic and hydraulic tests up to 1000bar. We have the right equipment or COFRAC calibration inspection and can take care of test water follow-up and treatment. We work independently: we prepare the testing files, our design office takes care of all the calculation briefs and presentation folders internally. We are authorized to deliver calculation briefs for tapered sleeves by Decree dated 5th of March 2014 or by European Directive 14/68/UE (PED).

Passive protection for buried pipelines

Artis benefits from all on-site application procedures, self-monitoring resources for passive protection of your pipework: rugosimeter, hygrometer, thickness measurer, bond tester and insulation monitoring device. We offer to carry out:

  • Pipeline coating with butyl strips, (Denso or Polyken)
  • Pipeline coating with greasy paste, (Trenton or Denso) against soil moisture 
  • Pipeline coating with polyurethane (Endoprène or Denso)
  • Sandblasting/metallisation and on-site painting

Steel pipeline sections

At Artis, we are specialised in fluid transport, we provide you with tailor-made solutions such as the production of steel pipeline sections of all diameter, by Decree dated 5th of March 2014 or by European Directive 14/68/UE (PED).

HDPE pipeline sections

HDPE has many advantageous properties justifying its use in industrial piping. Artis employs qualified welders and has every Welding Qualification Procedure Record (WPQR) certification, which permits us to build our pipelines in accordance with Directive 14/68/UE (PED). In addition, our network of qualified suppliers entitles us to all material certificates 3.1B required to establish compliance records.

Our quality certifications

At Artis, we enact a “zero accident” policy by providing the means to keep operators and assets safe and sound. Safety is incorporated into each and every step of our processes, from design to production. At Artis, everyone contributes to a safe workplace. 

ISO 9001 standard

ISO 9001 standard

ISO 9001 standard defines what criteria need to be met to have a fully operational quality management system.

certification mase

MASE certification

Safeguarding employees health and safety and durably protecting the environment.

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