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Artis is an industrial piping company with three areas of activity: Artis Mobility, Artis Industry, Artis Oil & Gas. Learn more about the history of Artis, our key figures, and our teams.

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ARTIS adventure

ARTIS adventure started in 2007, with the association of Arnaud JOSSE and Fabrice CHAILLOUX, two employees of GRT Gaz. The project is carried by Arnaud JOSSE, who decides in 2006 to leave the national company to create a company of industrial piping. Very quickly, Arnaud JOSSE asks Fabrice CHAILLOUX to take part in this adventure and they defend face to their employer a spin-off file with a strategic purpose for GRT Gaz.

In September 2006, the file is accepted, which allows the two associates to leave GRT Gaz with a possibility of return in case of failure over a period of five years. ARTIS is thus created in Derval and becomes tenant of an industrial building located on the site of the company MUSTIERE. The first employee was hired six months later to meet the demand.

In 2009, ARTIS obtains its first framework contract for GRT Gaz and goes from the status of subcontractor, to the status of main company.

In 2012, the company is once again awarded to the framework contract and decides, in parallel with the structuring of the organization, to build a new industrial complex, the current site of the head office.

In 2014, ARTIS Développement is created in order to diversify the activities of ARTIS and the company takes possession of its new premises. This new storefront allows ARTIS to change its image towards the world and sees its status of craftsman evolve to the status of industrial company.

Our key figures

Our quality certifications

At Artis, we develop a “zero accident” policy by providing the resources to keep operators and assets safe and sound. Safety is incorporated into each and every step of our processes, from design to production. At Artis, everyone contributes to a safe workplace.

ISO 9001 standard

For a quality management system, constantly improving the satisfaction of our customers.

MASE certification

For a management system that is part of a continuous improvement process for the safety, health and environmental performance of companies.

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