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Involved since 2007 on the markets of renovation or creation of gas and oil infrastructures, Artis has developed a full range of services that can include civil engineering, earthworks, buried pipelines and process skids.
Attached to the service, we have also developed offers around these fields.

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Artis Oil & Gas action fields

Over the past fifteen years, we have set up a range of services covering various fluids for framework contracts to renovate and create gas and oil installations:

Petroleum products
: petroleum, diesel, unleaded, jet A-1, Avgas 110LL, UL91, methanol, etc.
Specific gases: natural gas, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, helium, etc.

Our welding and dimensioning engineering department includes all customer specifications in order to offer reliable installations that meet the regulations.

Industrial piping

We manufacture and install modules and complete industrial piping systems in conformity with the specifications, deadlines and standards in force.
These skids include tanks, welded frames, piping, pumps, valves, probes, meters, pressure gauges, actuators, electrical cabinets, etc.
Our products are manufactured under CODETI, PED 2014/68/EU, ASME.

Buried pipes

We carry out all types of underground pipelines, high and low pressure, for all fluids.
We can assist you in your projects in conformity with the Multifluid Decree of March 5, 2014, the Decree for distribution pipelines of July 13, 2000, the directive 2014/68/EU and also the NF EN 13941 standard for district heating pipelines. We have all the Qualifications of Welding Operation (QMOS) to support you on projects in carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex and super duplex, HDPE.


Available and reactive, we develop a specific knowledge in industrial support and manage the maintenance of production units for a range of large industrial companies. Scheduled maintenance, setting in conformity, intervention in the case of breakdown, ARTIS is ready to put its design office, its technicians and its workshop at your service.


As specialists in industrial piping, our trained and equipped teams operate for one-off repairs or complete renovations on all types of piping. We have a range of equipment allowing us to work in total autonomy for the rehabilitation of your pipes, your structures up to DN1200.
We can propose you to rehabilitate your pipes, under technical gutter, in corbelling under bridge or under sleeve and we can assist you for the inspection of aerial sections.
Artis can also assist you in scraping, cleaning, or grouting your pipes.
Thanks to our fleet of cold cutting machines, our demagnetizers and our connection units, we can help you to replace sleeves on your networks.

Artis Oil and Gas: our quality certifications

Artis gives a major priority to the safety at work, to the health of the employees and to the protection of the environment, that's why our company develops the "zero accident". This value is taken into account from the design to the realization through the processes.

ISO 9001 standard

Quality management is one of the priorities of Artis' teams.

MASE certification

Constantly improving safety, health and environmental performance in companies.

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Artis Oil & Gas: services

Aware of the challenges linked to reactivity, we have chosen to invest steadily in our own equipment since 2007. Adapted to the conditions of the most challenging sites, our equipment is monitored under ERP in order to guarantee electrical, lifting and metrological compliance.

Cold cutting

Thanks to our fleet of six machines, we can carry out cold cutting of pipes, from DN 150 to DN 1200, in our workshop and on site. Certified ISO 9001 and MASE, our quality, health, safety and environment procedures give us the technical capacity to work in ATEX zones.

Cold bending

Artis has its own equipment for cold bending up to DN 200, and we can carry out the diameters above. We perform self-checking during the process, and we guarantee the quality of the bending by the use of gauge plates and thickness measurements. For any need of bending on site, we come with our surveyor to establish the necessary bending angle. The Artis design office draws the bend to be made on plan for validation before creation. We provide you with a complete file with all the certificates of materials, manufacturing procedures and self-checking procedures and reports.

Coating of pipes

ARTIS has the entire procedures of application on site, the self-checking equipment for the passive protection of your works: roughness meter, hygrometry meter, thickness meter, pull-out tester and insulation tester.
We can carry out on site or in workshop the coating of piping by butyl bands of Denso or Polyken standard, the coating of piping by greasy bands, raised of ground, of Trenton or Denso standard, the coating of piping in polyurethane.
Sandblasting/metallizing and painting can also be done on site.

Searching for leaks

You are concerned about the regulation and you want to realize your annual control of tightness on your networks of piping submitted?
Artis can assist you in the search for leaks on all compressed gases. Our intervention is completed by a detailed report with video or photo of the non-conforming areas, and we assist you in bringing them into conformity.

Network inertia

In order to be able to operate on gas or explosive fluid processes, our teams are trained in the appropriate operating procedures and equipped with the necessary material for inerting your pipes in order to ensure the safety of your operators.

Network gas supply

After the construction of a new network, you will need to guarantee the safe start-up of your infrastructure for which we have the appropriate operating procedures, qualifications and equipment, in order to verify and validate the 100% gas of your network before commissioning.

Hydraulic and pneumatic test

For your hydraulic or pneumatic test needs on site, we have test units up to 1000bar for hydraulics and 500bar for pneumatics as well as COFRAC calibrated pressure gauges.
In addition, the establishment of your file can be supported by our design office.

Network drying

To drain the water and dry your structure after hydraulic test, we are able to guarantee a cleanliness in compliance with your specifications thanks to our operating procedures, qualifications and measuring devices.


Artis has the necessary equipment and measuring devices for demagnetization before welding. Our technical teams are therefore able to work on site throughout France to meet this type of need.

Torque tightening / loosening

For installations requiring controlled tightening of flanges and valves, we can provide our fleet of pumps and hydraulic wrenches up to 85mm on flat. In the case of gas, petrochemical and industrial sites, Artis teams are equipped and ATEX certified to suit your technical and HSE specifications.

Unit dismantling

Due to the emergence of an explosion risk, you may need to abandon part of your installation or pipe. With our cold cutting machines and our qualified staff, we are able to operate in full safety without creating a hot spot, on the whole territory.
We can also propose to you to carry out the lifting, the evacuation and the treatment of waste for a service turn-key.

Welding services

Our teams of welders are equipped with a range of qualifications (TIG, 111 cellulosic/basic/rutile process, stainless steel, HDPE...) and autonomous vehicles to assist you on your industrial sites.

Supply of print head

If for example, in the context of directed drilling, you need a carbon steel pulling head for your threading, Artis can provide you with its range of pulling heads from DN 80 to DN 600 as well as a calculation note according to your pulling capacity. This calculation note avoids the welding of temporary test heads during the hydraulic tests of the threading.

Network diversion on load

In order to create a new pipe branch or to divert a network without cutting off the site's supply, we offer to make a load branch, for any type of fluid, up to 100bar. We also carry out on request tapping in carbon steel, stainless steel and HDPE.

Artis Oil & Gas: current sites

  • Compressor stations
  • Oil and gas terminals
  • Underground storage
  • Thermal gas power plants
  • Backflow stations
  • Cogeneration
  • Interconnection, disconnection and delivery stations
  • Oil and gas refueling stations
  • High pressure transport networks
  • Medium and low pressure distribution networks
  • Pumping stations and manifolds
  • Bio-methane injection stations

Find out the achievements of Artis Oil & Gas

In the field of industrial piping, buried pipelines as well as the associated services and rehabilitation of structures, Artis Oil & Gas provides you with the support of its experience and material resources to best meet your needs. Here are some examples of our creations.

Industrial piping

Prefabrication in workshop or manufacturing on site, we can propose you the complete management of your industrial piping needs. From the design, sizing and detail studies to the compliance file, Artis develops process skids, pressure reducing stations and cabins, pigging stations, disconnecting and metering stations for all common or special fluids.

Buried pipes

From the definition of materials, welding, and the construction code, Artis assists you in the construction of your buried pipes in carbon steel, stainless steel, HDPE and pre-insulated pipe. No matter the pressure and the fluid, Artis supports you from the dimensioning to the regulatory reception. Our network of partners allows us to help you with earthworks, non-destructive testing, bending, coating, hydraulic tests, drying and commissioning.


Our internal teams are qualified to support you in a large variety of activities related to piping or industrial piping. Independent and mobile throughout the country, we can offer you safety installation for inerting or flaring, on-site welding, cold bending, demagnetization, hydraulic tests, leak detection, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us in order to find a solution that best suits your needs.

Rehabilitation of structures

If you have problems with external corrosion, leaks or external aggression on a pipe, we can surely offer you a solution. Our independent and mobile internal teams offer you their expertise on the replacement of supports, the compliance of surface treatment, the renewal of sections, on all diameters and for all types of fluids.

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