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We are specialised in mobility solutions and constantly seek to respond to energy transition issues and subsequent governmental regulation. To achieve this, at Artis, we focus on three key energy vectors: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Hydrogen (H2). Our industrial piping offer is designed for public procurement and private markets both.

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Artis Mobility & Transition action fields

As part of our energy diversification-oriented industrial piping activity, we offer tailor-made solutions to build your networks:

  • Implementation study of low and high pressure pipelines.
  • Prefabrication on our production floor of industrial pipelines under PED and CODETI (French official industrial piping regulation).
  • Radiography tests and dye penetrant inspection.
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic tests up to 400bar.
  • Pipeline drying and rinsing.
  • Installation and connection on site of all equipment.
  • Gas commissioning assistance.
  • Annual leak tightness inspection.
Transition action fields

Compressed Natural Gas 

Energy transition calls for responses in order to emit less and less greenhouse gas. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is one possible response. Indeed, if used as a Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV), especially in heavy vehicles, a reduction by 25% of greenhouse gas emissions compared to diesel engines can be observed. In addition, CNG-powered engines emit close to zero fine dust. Over the years, as an industrial piping company, Artis has developed and perfected its technical expertise in building CNG transport networks to supply NGV stations such as the ones in Limay and Gennevilliers. Today we are able to offer this expertise to provide tailor-made solutions.

Compressed Natural Gas 

Liquefied Natural Gas 

Liquefied natural gas (LNG), just like CNG, leads to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for vehicle engines. In this cryogenic (-161°C) liquid form, LNG takes up hundreds of times less space than in gaseous state, it can therefore be very easily transported. This is by the way one of the reasons why the volume of LNG imports has been on the rise for about fifteen years now; especially in Asia but also in Europe more recently (+74% in 2019). This trend is expected to continue in the years to come. Transporting and storing these dozens of billion tons of LNG imply a need for huge infrastructures. Artis operates in France to respond to those issues by offering its industrial piping competence.

Liquefied Natural Gas 


Nowadays, decarbonated hydrogen production is achievable by water electrolysis using electricity which has been decarbonated itself beforehand. One may say that hydrogen is a 100% clean energy since neither its production nor its combustion constitutes a CO2 source. For this reason, in September 2020, France stated in the National Hydrogen Strategy its decision to make use of decarbonated hydrogen as a clean energy. Artis benefits from its own experience and well-established processes in building hydrogen stations for vehicles, which already makes us a committed actor in the issues regarding hydrogen storage and transport within the context of energy transition.


Artis Mobility & Transition: our quality certifications

As part of our “zero accident” policy, we do everything necessary to ensure the safety of our teams and the integrity of our assets. All of this, at every step of our processes, from design to production: safety first. At Artis, everyone contributes to keeping the workplace safe.
ISO 9001 standard

ISO 9001 standard

Through our quality management system, we meet the ISO 9001 standard.

MASE certification

MASE certification

Artis is proud to durably guarantee the environment conservation, to ensure our employees remain healthy and safe at all times.

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Artis Mobility & Transition: material resources

  • Autonomous welding machines for carbon steel, stainless steel and HDPE networks.
  • Cold bending machines for tubing (10 to 22).
  • Cold bending machines for buried pipelines from DN 50 up to 200.
  • Crimping equipment for products like Swagelock, Gyrolock etc.
  • Buried pipelines porosimetry (electric swing).
  • A spider crane for setting up crossbars.
  • A fleet of adapted vehicles.
  • A heavy truck equipped with an auxiliary lift arm.
  • Hydraulic test units up to 1000bar.
  • Pneumatic test units up to 500bar.
  • Post-hydraulic test pipeline drying and rinsing units. 

Professional networks and clusters

Because we aspire to be a major actor of energy transition, at Artis, we have been taking part in several mobility-related clusters and business networks.This way, we put the emphasis on our eagerness to cooperate, mutualise and share our experience in order to establish cooperative dynamics.

Professional networks and clusters


Launched in February 2019, is an information website dedicated to hydrogen-powered vehicles. It was created as a result of the excellent feedback about – a website about NGV – and a desire to talk more about hydrogen mobility and its associated issues.



After the Pays de la Loire regional authority mobilised local actors to draft its roadmap regarding energy transition, it was found that there did not exist any structure to organise collective exchanges between methanisation actors. So, early 2018, the Methatlantique association was founded by managers from GRDF and GRTgaz, by Atlantique Industrie, Artis groupe, Banque Populaire Grand Ouest, Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée, Engie, France Biogaz Valorisation, Nature Energy, Olfacto Ingénierie, UP, Synergis Environnement.



In order to participate in the development of natural gas nationwide, our association regroups public organisations as well as economics and industry national actors. At AFGNV, we have more than a hundred members such as vehicle manufacturers, gas industry equipment manufacturers, engine manufacturers, automotive industry equipment manufacturers, energy suppliers and distributors, public transport companies, household waste collection companies and local communities.

Gaz Mobilité

Gaz Mobilité is a website about CNG, LNG and biogas which aims to inform professionals, the general public and local authorities at the same time, it particularly focuses on projects and innovations in the field of gas and transportation issues. This website allows you to keep up with French and international news about this topic and it also features interviews of various concerned actors. A map of the current and future NGV stations in France is also displayed and regularly updated.

France Hydrogène

France Hydrogène

France Hydrogène is a non-profit association. It comprises diverse actors who constitute the backbone of the French hydrogen sector: industrial corporate groups developing huge projects, innovative SMEs who are supported by think tanks, associations, competitive clusters and local authorities motivated by the elaboration of hydrogen solutions.

Find out the achievements of Artis Mobility & Transition

We have been contributing since 2016 to the implementation of mobility solutions in collaboration with several national energy actors.To this date, we have produced more than 30 fast charge projects for a grand total of 80 distribution terminals and have taken part in 6 slow fast projects amounting to the installation of 400 charging station power-poles.Today we have expertise to intervene in a wide range of situations. We provide you with guidance for new work, maintenance work or regulation inspection throughout France.See below for a few examples of our achievements.

CNG facilities

We can step in for every process in slow or fast charge facilities, for public or private terminals, heavy weight vehicle tanks, port or airport infrastructures.

LNG facilities

We offer all kinds of interventions, before and after cryogenic storage for public or private terminals, heavy weight vehicle tanks, port or airport infrastructures.

Hydrogen facilities

We put all our skills at your service for design and production of your networks, upstream or downstream of your storage infrastructures or your electrolysers, for all your issues on public and private facilities set up and maintenance: port, airport heavy weight vehicle tanks, slow charging or fast charging.

Service provision

Should you need corrective maintenance or repair work after damage induced by a third-party, our teams would assist you for piping, metalwork and supporting. We can additionally search for leaks with our ultrasound video camera.

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