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ARTIS core business consists in the organisation, fabrication, monitoring and maintenance of piping units and buried pipelines for fluid transportation, with metal tubes and accessories.

Investing in competencies, software and technological tools, ARTIS has quickly become a major subcontractor of the oil & gas sector, in France and neighbouring countries. We work in a wide range of fields for various contractors and we have a precise knowledge of the constraints and requirements of our clients. We have the expertise to build pipes of any diameter and thickness.

Common fluids

We design piping and buried piping systems for the following fluids:

  • Natural gas
  • Oil hydrocarbons
  • Special gases
  • Water (all pressures and temperatures)

Our main activities

   skid-injection-biomethane-artis        cold-bending-pipeline-artis   

Prefabrication and installation of industrial piping
Design and study / Regulatory files

Skids / Gas stations / Injections

Welding / Assembly

Turnkey solutions for on-site assembly

Construction of steel or polyethylene pipelines
Steel / polyethylene supply


Bending / Coating

Hydraulic tests / Drying

enrobage-artis    Epreuves-artis    On site cold cutting Coupe-a-froid-artis    Comment effectuer un sablage sur une tuyauterie - 2    

Industrial work rehabilitation
Conduct of works / Hydraulic tests

Aerial and buried pipelines

Surface treatment / Coating


Industrial maintenance and services
Commissioning of installations


Inerting of networks / Demagnetisation of pipelines

Bull-nose manufacturing