How to make a sandblast on pipes?

Our company can make sandblasting on your pipes.

Our service consists in sanding your steel pipes in order to remove their coatings (coal pitch). Our objective is to obtain a SA 2.5 surface finish.

The different stages:

ONSITE TOOLING INSTALLATION this operation consists in preparing and installing the required equipment. The sandblaster will be installed as close as possible to the work area to reduce the hose length (risk of jam). An extinguisher will be at disposal near the compressor. The air hoses will be equipped with anti-whip cables.

WORKS AREA PROTECTION Before starting the sandblasting operation, it is necessary to protect the soil with a polyane film in order to collect the blasting residues

SANDBLASTING OF THE PARTS TO BE TREATED The sand used will be 50/80 gauge so as to have a surface finish SA 2.5. In case of high humidity, the installation of a shelter will be privileged. In case of heavy rain, the operation with be postponed.

WASTE RECOVERY In the event that the sandblasting was carried out following the removal of coal tar pitch, the sandblast residues will be collected and placed with coal tar waste. In other cases, the residues must be removed and disposed in an appropriate landfill.

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