Coating techniques : we protect your pipelines and pipeworks

Our service consists in coating the pipes according to the manufacturer’s technical specifications and installation methods, in optimal safety conditions by our qualified technicians.


We can install different types of coating:

  • Butyle tape

The Butyle tape system externally protects metallic and buried steel pipes from corrosion. It can also be applied on assembly welded joints, bends and elbows. The antid-corrosion tape shall be in a different color from the mechanical protection tape. We can install Butyle bands either onsite or before assembly, in our workshop.

The Butyle tape is applied cold and is composed of three elements:enrobage 2

– A primer coat,

– An anti-corrosion strip

– A mechanical strip protection


  • Petrolatum tape

Petrolatum tape is an anti-corrosion system to protect parts with specific shape such as elbows on buried pipelines, exits and entries or outside and aerial structures. The appplication of a mechanical strip protection span style=”color: #ff6600;”> is mandatory for coating on structures to be buried.

Petrolatum tapes are applied cold and are composed of two or three elements: enrobage 1

– A primer,

– An anti-corrosion strip,

– A mechanical strip protection, if required


  • Liquid polyurethane

the liquid polyurethane coating protects from corrosion elements such as steel pipes, tanks, pipeworks and complex buried components.

This product is also used to repair defects on polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, and epoxy anti-corrosion coatings.

This type of coating is made of one or several polyurethane resin layers, which can be applied:

enrobage 3

– Manually with a spatula or brush

– By projection with a spray

– By molding

Before application, the resin  comes in two products to be melt: a base and a hardener.

Preparation and control: preparation is an important stage in the effectiveness of the coating application. A good preparation will guarantee the anti-corrossion protection of the structure through time.

  • Surface preparation

It is the stage n°1 before the coating application. The surface needs to be 100% brushed or sanded to get rid of all rust remains, incrustations, and eliminate all impurities.

  • Surface control

The EN ISO 8501-1 : 2007 standard defines the rules to follow for “the preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products”  and for the “Visual assessment of surface cleanliness” The assessment can also be carried out with different devices such as a roughometer or a tactile comparator.

  • Temperature and hygrometry control

Coating must be applied with special care, taking into account all parameters such as air humidity, temperature in comparison to the steel surface temperature.

The EN 12068 standard defines the rules to apply related to “External organic coatings for the corrosion protection of buried or immersed steel pipelines used in conjunction with cathodic protection – Tapes and shrinkable materialsdéfinit”.

Assessment can be carried out with devices such as a digital thermometer or a hygrometer.

  • Acceptance stage

In order to ensure the quality of the coating operations, several checks will assess the correct application of the coating and the absence of defects. Thus, a visual inspection will first be carried out in order to check the absence of creases and bubbles or of defects present on the adjacent factory coating. Then, an electrical non-porosity check of the coating with an electric brush (ELMED ISO test type) will attest whether the surface has been completely and effectively coated or does not let any electric current pass.

The conformity of the butyle coating will be be carried out by tearing strips, at least 48 hours after application, with a dynamometer. An assessment of thickness must be done.

The ISO 21809-3:2016 standard specifies requirements for field joint coating of seamless or welded steel pipes for buried and submerged sections of pipeline transportation systems.


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