How to make a cold cutting on a pipeline?

Détail coupe à froid

Our company can realize a cold cutting on your pipes up to DN1200.

Cold cutting allows you to cut and chamfer your piping without generating flames or sparks in your system, which prevents any ignition of residual gases contained inside out-of-service lines.



  • Installation of the safety part (extinguisher, shunts connected to ground).
  • Installation of the OCM (* Orbital cutting machine) on the piping.
  • Pneumatic motor assembly, cutting tools and chamfer on the OTC.
  • Pipe rigging by means of candles installed on the platform of the scaffolding to maintain the piping once the cutting is completed.
  • Installation of a bin under the machine to collect chips and cutting oil.
  • Starting the machine.
  • During cutting, the tools should be sprayed uniformly with cutting oil.



Ø OCM from DN150 to DN1200

Ø Cutting saw all DN


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