QHSE Commitment

Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental compliance

At ARTIS, we continuously care about the improvement of processes, work conditions, the health and safety of our employees and the environment conservation.
This continuous improvement is incorporated in the comprehensive approach of sustainable development to which we are committed.

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Preventing risks

As these themes are our priority, we are committed to ensuring quality work in a secure environment for all our employees, as well as for our clients and subcontractors throughout our QHSE policy, all along our projects.

Improving our environmental performance

As an industrial pipeline company, we are fully committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations by complying with national and international standards.

Developing talents

Maintaining and developing the skills and know-how of our employees is essential to build your projects in the best way.

Therefore, we are dedicated to maintaining and developing skills and know-how through the provision of numerous ongoing training courses.

Training qualifications

  • Asbestos: technical supervisor, works and operator supervisor
  • ATEX: Risk awareness from explosive atmosphere
  • Forklift licence CACES R389m Cat 3 self-propelled forklift
  • Forklift licence CACES R372m Cat 9 construction forklift
  • Rolling/fixed scaffolds + reception and inspection
  • Coating: Trenton and Denso
  • Fire safety:  rescue and handling of fire extinguishers
  • Assembly and crimping of fittings GYROLOK and SWAGELOK
  • HSE passport: Technical supervision level 1
  • HSE passport: Line Operator / Industrial Plan Operator
  • Bridge / sling Operator
  • Road risks prevention
  • Radioprotection
  • First-aid rescue worker qualification up-to-date
  • External company safety
  • Sensigaz
  • Protecting technique for welding in junction


Our welders’ qualifications (PQR/WPQ) are regularly updated and completed.

  • ASME Welding specifications / NF EN ISO 15614-1 (processes 111, 141)
  • ASME Welding specifications / NF EN ISO 9606-1 VS 2013 (processes 141, 111)