For all kind of fluid and fluid transport, ARTIS has the required expertise to work on client projets from conception to delivery, all along the transport chain till the main distribution points, i.e. on gas/oil terminals or underground energy storage sites.

Working in demanding fields of activities, we strive to satisfy our customers and realise the projects entrusted to us, guaranteeing quality and traceability, whether on underground pipelines or on surface installations.

We mostly work on:

  • Air storage (LNG terminals)
  • Underground storage of natural gas
  • Distribution and transportation of natural gas and oil
  • Compression stations
Soudure sur pipeline

Welding on pipeline

Epreuves de tuyauterie industrielle

Hydraulic test

Cold cutting

Cold cutting

Enrobage trenton sur canalisation

Passive protection and coating

Cintrage à froid de tuyauterie industrielle

Cold bending

Poste de distribution publique en skids réalisé à Saint Maixent

Skid and industrial piping