Hydraulic tests

Hydraulic tests on site and in the workshop

We realise, on site or in our workshop, hydraulic tests up to 300 bar. Logo CofracWe have certified calibrated control means (COFRAC) and we ensure the monitoring and treatment of water tests. Autonomous, we elaborate the test files and all the calculation notes and the presentation of test files is managed internally, by our design office.

We can make calculation notes for tapered sleeves. Under the terms of 05/03/2014 regulations or under Directive 97/23 /EC (PED)

Test units:

  • Fixed: for operation in the workshop for pressure up to 300 bar
  • Mobile: for pressure, up to 300 bars

Pipe testing area of approximately 300-meter length

3 ” to 12 ” test station and 1 ” to 24 ” test platform